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Posted by on Sunday, 2nd December, 2012

Forget Steam — remember when this was a state-of-the-art games delivery system?

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  1. esselhaych says:

    Wooosh. Right back to the 80s for a second there. Spending hours typing it all in and then several more hours trying to work out why it wouldn’t work. Finding typos was never so much fun.

  2. stepjay says:

    they never worked! lol. poke this and poke that. grrrrr

  3. woody says:

    think there is a comma missing.

  4. Verbalrob says:

    Isn’t that basically a description of ‘Curiosity’?

  5. Justanother writer says:

    And I thought I was old.

  6. StuLec52 says:

    crap, it didn’t work.
    but did they ever work???
    Same thing on the Spectrum, what a waste of time….

  7. TheDaddy says:

    I remember typing program’s like this into my ZX81 lol


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