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Downloadable game Blacklight to feature 4-player Co-op

Not a lot of buzz about this game yet but with Gears of War 3 coming next year it may help scratch that 4 player Co-op itch (I know Crackdown 2 is coming but lets just forget that for now). It’s looking good and it seems to be coming soon, I think maybe for the summer of arcade, but I’m liking the current of trend of high production value downloadable games.

5 comments to Downloadable game Blacklight to feature 4-player Co-op

  • Yeah the line between downloadable and retail games seems to be becoming more blurred every week. There was me thinking I would never need more than 120GB storage, but I can see that changing in the future if all arcade games become this high quality.

    Great story Chinny, I hadn’t even heard of this game.

  • Lets hope it does something a little different to the rest of the shooters out there.

  • Richard (Skulduggerer)

    1200 for the game then keep churning the maps out at 400 a batch and i’m in (looked a bit Crysis like)

  • DukeSkath

    I actually don’t mind if it does nothing new.. Looks like good shoot-em-up fun. I’m in! WOOO

  • TheDaddy

    I’ve got to say that this looks pretty cool for a download game, I think games like these, are going to become the norm moving forward.

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