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Posted by on Tuesday, 22nd June, 2010

Finally, we have got some more details on this game, new devices, and some details on how the co-op will work, so here goes.

New Gizmos:

  • Excursion Funnel – This is a tractor beam that can be used to move objects or yourself to normally inaccessible places.
  • Ariel Faith Plate – This is a powerful launch pad that propels you into the air, and as with the portals, the greater the height you come from the higher you get propelled.
  • Thermal Discouragement Beam – This can be used to destroy droids or turrets, it can also be shot through mirrored cubes to get to hard to reach places.
  • Pneumatic Diversity Vents – These basically suck everything up, place your portals in the right place and who knows what will get sucked up.
  • Repulsion Gel – This is a bright blue gel, that turns surfaces into bouncy trampolines.
  • Propulsion Gel – This one turns surfaces into super slippery surfaces.

Co-op details:

  • In the co-op you play as the two robots in the picture above.
  • The co-op game will be separate to the main campaign, but will still be part of the story.
  • Each player can go through each others portals.
  • Players can also shoot their portal onto the other players portal and take it over, which will be needed to solve puzzles.
  • You can also mark where you want your co-op partner to place a portal.
  • Finally, it appears that the game is online only, there will be split screen, but only to enable you to see what your partner is seeing.

So there you go, it sounds like this is going to be totally different to the first game, I just hope they keep a good balance between, difficulty and eureka moments.

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  1. JackBack (a.k.a. JFK) says:

    Duke’s very right but valve always knows what their doing so I trust them

  2. DukeSkath says:

    I don’t want to judge it too soon, but I’m nervous about all the new stuff. Part of what made Portal so glorious was its simplicity!


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