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Chinny on The IT Crowd

Hey, look! In that brief three-second shot from Episode 3 of Series 4 of the hit sitcom The IT Crowd, it’s VeteranGamers’ very own Chinny! WOOO! (Apparently you can watch the episode at 4OD in the UK.)

Now: How do we get Roy to wear a VeteranGamers t-shirt on the show? (Here’s a link to the cool venn diagram shirt he wears in Chinny’s episode.)

4 comments to Chinny on The IT Crowd

  • Chinny

    There is another moment in the episode where I’m in it also. I’ll try and get a screenshot of it later.

  • cudmoro

    Really sorry Chinny, but I thought you were the keyboard player in the lovely purple cardigan and NHS specs, again I am really sorry.

  • skulduggerer

    Your hairs sticking up at the back, did you sleep funny? Or is it a Russell Brand do?

  • Chinny

    Rough night, the hotel was pants.

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