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New Covers for Classic Games

A year ago I stumbled onto DJ Molloc’s clever new covers for video games, taking a page from the Criterion Collection covers. I got inspired and made some of my own (posted further down). Today I got the urge to make some more. So here they are. (Click for full size.)

Here are the ones I made last year:

3 comments to New Covers for Classic Games

  • Bongo the Sane

    Expressing your artful tendencies is alway a good thing but damm, you have way to much time on your hands. Lucky man.

  • DukeSkath

    Only until 30 August. I gotta squeeze the most out of EVERY SECOND until then! During the school year my productivity outside of the classroom asymptotically crashes to zero.

  • Bongo the Sane

    Just right.

    I had to look asymptotically up.

    We must all endeavour to use it at least once tomorrow in general conversation.

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