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Alan Wake: American Nightmares

So this is coming:

Certainly can’t argue about this point: “Darkness from beyond is flooding our world.” Yeah, if you mean crap games like this. Can’t wait until the big tractor boss fight scene!


Pachter Wrong About Alan Wake and RDR

In a recent interview with IndustryGamers, video-games seer Michael Pachter admitted that he was totally wrong about the fortunes of both Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption.

Part of the reason for my erroneous lack of confidence in RDR is that I thought Alan Wake would be a blockbuster.

Now obviously this isn’t a

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Alan Wake – Has The 5 Years Been Worth The Wait?

Well the short answer to that question is, probably not. That is not to say this isn’t a good game, it just doesn’t quite do enough to be unique, or really bring anything new, that we haven’t seen before.

Before I go into any details, let me give you a quick history of the Stu and Alan Wake relationship.

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Bright Falls Episode 4 – Local Flavor

Well episode 4 is out, and we haven’t even got episode 3 in the UK.  It’s as creepy and mysterious as ever, enjoy.


Games for May

This is the month that we’ve all waiting for. It is strange how it has all worked out, developers delaying their games so that it won’t be too congested in the last months of 2009. Now it has all fallen in May,  plenty of games to keep us busy over the summer, here is the list:

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Alan Wake – The Critics Verdict

Well the wait is nearly over and the critics have given their collective verdict, is it good or bad?

After five years in the making, this game should have been perfect, but not quite apparently, the average score at Metacritic, off 24 reviews is currently 84 out of 100, which is better than average, but not the 90+ scores we have come to expect from AAA titles.

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Bright Falls Episode 3 : Lights Out

Bright Falls Episode 3 is here, and they seem to get creepier each time.

I guess the biggest worry is that the prequels will be better that the game itself, because as we know, it’s much harder to convey emotion in a game than it is on film.