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Chinny’s first experience of Rust

Chinny takes another stab at PC gaming and the weird experience that is Rust. Watch Chinny get chased by bears and taken hostage.

Please bear (ha did you see what I did there) in mind that this is Chinny’s first experience so he has no idea what he is doing.


Chinny Plays Papers Please PART 2

As we all know I hate weird games. However Papers Please appeals to me for some reason. Watch part 2 of my first ever playthrough.

Bare in mind that this was my first playthrough and I got very tired as I went on and I talked less and less and I went on. I think its very hard to play a game and talk to no one, but

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A Closer Look – Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

That’s right we take another look at Max Payne 3 but this time it is the multiplayer that get dissected. It looks like Rockstar had some tricks up their sleeve and this multiplayer may surprise some people.

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Look what I got in the mail

I was sitting at my computer Saturday morning with my cup of tea and I heard the postman almost knocking down my door.  “A Package?” I thought “On a Saturday?”

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Chinny on The IT Crowd

Hey, look! In that brief three-second shot from Episode 3 of Series 4 of the hit sitcom The IT Crowd, it’s VeteranGamers’ very own Chinny! WOOO! (Apparently you can watch the episode at 4OD in the UK.)

Now: How do we get Roy to wear a VeteranGamers t-shirt on the show? (Here’s a link to the cool venn diagram

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Heavy Rain Demo Coming February 11th

Well if there is one game that needs a demo, I’d say it’s Heavy Rain. Come February 11th we will all find out for ourselves if this is going to push games where they’ve never gone before, or will it be just one long ‘Quick Time Event’. One thing is for sure, David Cage wouldn’t like it if

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Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC details

Now I could write something clever and smart ass like here and say, oh why oh why didn’t they put this in the retail game. It’s a conspiracy, they’re just trying to get our money. But you gotta admit this DLC looks cooooooooool.