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A Closer Look – Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

That’s right we take another look at Max Payne 3 but this time it is the multiplayer that get dissected. It looks like Rockstar had some tricks up their sleeve and this multiplayer may surprise some people.

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VeteranGamers LIVE: Friday 9th December!

That’s right, people — we’re comin’ at ya LIVE next Friday 9th December! Starting at 10pm GMT (5pm EST in the US), join Stu, Chinny, and Duke for three crazy hours of conversation, confessions, and coolness. Those who have listened in live know that these are often the most fun shows, so don’t miss it! (A lively discussion will be

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L.A. Noire – Is It A Must Buy Day One?

So the scores for L.A. Noire are in, but is it a day one must buy, a rental or don’t bother?

Well it is sat on a score of 92 from sixteen reviews at Metacritic, which in anyone’s book is surely a must buy, some of the cool stuff revealed is the fact that you can play the game in black and white if you wish, the acting is at times on a par with Hollywood, but never less than good, but the biggest question people wanted answered was does the facial animation work when you are trying to decide whether a suspect is lying or not? well apparently it works really well.

Click Read More for a selection of reviews plus a link to cool music from the game to get you in the mood.

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Lemme be the first to say, that Duke is a douche.

I love Duke, he is one of my most favourite people I’ve met while doing all of this but boy did he get me. He got me good.

Thats right this was an early April fools and the reason why he did it early was because I did

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Look what I got in the mail

I was sitting at my computer Saturday morning with my cup of tea and I heard the postman almost knocking down my door.  “A Package?” I thought “On a Saturday?”

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Back in Time

My excitement for this game has gone up 100x


LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer

I was worried about LBP 2, worried about people saying “It’s just a add on pack nothing worth another game”. Also LBP1 having ” million levels, was there a need for a second game? Answer: Yes.

After checking out the trailer, there is a ton of stuff that credits itself as a worthy sequel. More tools to create better AI, a new grapple rope type thing (watch the

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