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Free Game Giveaway

Forget Steam — remember when this was a state-of-the-art games delivery system?


Classic DOS Games (Infographic)

Take a walk down memory lane. I was a Mac user from way back, but I played quite a few of these..

Click for full-size version.


A Brief History of Video Games

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NES in a Museum

Yes, it’s happened. The NES is in a real museum.


Game Deaths

Thanks to my buddy Madsimian for linking us to this excellent collection of deaths and destruction through the history of video games. There’s a chance you’ll recognize the music, too.

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NES Games = USB HDs

This is pretty nifty: 8Bit Memory is an Etsy store that takes classic NES game cartridges and turns them into external USB drives.

Very cool, but it’s the sort of thing you should really have in a place where people will see it, so they’ll know how incredibly hip you are. Alas, not many people visit the study in the

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Fun Stuff for the Holidays

It’s time for another collection of wacky fun pictures and videos that I’ve been saving from around the internets. (Remember the last set?) First up is this amazing Pac-Man Christmas display, from EpicWinFTW:

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