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Zero Punctuation on E3 2014

Spoiler for this week’s podcast: It’s pretty much the same as Yahtzee’s take.

The Escapist : Zero Punctuation : E3 2014 – Deflate Your Hype Balloons


The Veteran Gamers Episode 74 – E3 Makes Duke Angry!

Welcome to our special E3 show.

We talk over everything E3 from the three big consoles and Surface Lizard joins us to tell us about Hunted The Demon’s Forge.

That’s it really.


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Chinny – 360 ChinChinny, PS3

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Microsoft E3 2011 – Kinect Keynote

Well I sat down ready to be impressed with what Microsoft would have to offer us at E3 this year and as I watched I began to wonder if they had built a 360 into a Kinect camera.

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E3 Critic Award Winners 2010…

So the critics have decided what their choices for E3 2010 are.

The Nintendo 3DS won the best in show, which is no surprise, but I think it says something about the state of new IP’s for E3 this year, when the best original game was Dance Central.

Rage got three, which were Best Console Game, Best Action Game and Best Graphics, so I guess it is one to watch.

Portal 2 also got 2 which were Best PC Game and Best Action Adventure Game.

Click Read More For the rest of the list.

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E3 Stuff You Might Have Missed…

So E3 is over, and we have already covered off the big announcements from the three big companies, but what else was there?

On this weeks podcast we discuss stuff people might have overlooked, so I thought I would list it down for people to read about.

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LIVE Podcast Today! 10pm UTC, 5pm EST

If you’ve been watching all the hype and hoopla from E3 and thinking: “I wonder what Chinny, Stu, and Duke think about all of this?” then today’s your day! Join us for our E3 wrapup podcast, LIVE from Veteran Gamers HQ. We’ll start at 10pm UTC (5pm EST) and keep talking until there’s nothing left to say. We’ll have

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Nintendo E3 – Say What?

So now it’s Nintendo’s time to shine, but will all the motion give us sickness or will Nintendo bring gaming into a whole new dimension.

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