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Fallout vs Skyrim

This is the reason special effects were invented. So much awesome.


Duke Killing Duke

On this week’s podcast, you will hear me sing the praises of a Fallout New Vegas mod called Bounties. Well I just started the second volume, and look who popped up in my mission:

I guess after the apocalypse, I’ll get some metal armor and live with the fiends. 

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Some Thoughts on Prescribed Characters

I’ve been playing The Witcher on Steam. (I know, I just gave away my copy of The Witcher 2 and I used to rant about how stupid PC gaming is. I’m weird.) It’s a fine game, and it’s got me thinking about playing characters whose backstories are pre-ordained.

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Finding a Home in Video Games

Let me say right away that this piece is not about how I feel at home in the world of video games. That’s a very different post, one which I sort of already wrote. Also note that this piece has a spoiler in the final section (“Bethesda Does It Right”) about Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood questline.

I’m beginning to realize how much I prefer open-world games to linear experiences. So much of my life is dictated by outside forces that I treasure the option to explore or goof around or experiment in a game world. Indeed, a case might be made that linear games don’t really let us experience a game world so much as one narrow strip of activity within a world. But there’s something else too.

I’ve realized the importance of home in an open-world game.

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More Cool Time-Lapse Videos

That time-lapse video I posted from Red Dead Redemption made me wonder what other similar videos might exist out there? Quite a few, I’ve found, and most of them come from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. Watch these in full-screen mode, and have your screenshot key-combo ready for instant awesome wallpapers.

First up (of course) is Skyrim.

Assassin’s Creed, LA Noire, Fallout, and GTAIV after the jump!

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Fallout Confessions

Spend a few minutes over at Fallout Confessions, a Tumblr blog I came across recently. Hard to read just one..

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The Real Mojave

Just as with 3, Fallout New Vegas contains many locations based on real places. This person went to Goodsprings with a camera. Enjoy!