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Survival ZombieCraft Z

Cool new game coming to Steam Early Access. Check it out!

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Ultimate Skyrim (halo The Room lolz)

This is the greatest thing ever created. Warning: A few bad words.


Advanced AI

A little something I whipped up this morning.


The Veteran Gamers Christmas Album

Well it’s here, the album you’ve all been waiting for. All the classic hits, all in one place. For more information call the number in the ad

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The Skyrim Experience (Unless You’re Chinny)

Yeah, this is about right:

via Chuck & Beans. (This is true about lots of other games, too. I suspect Chinny is like this with Rockstar titles.)

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Dara Ó Briain on FPSes


MW3′s Story

Wow, I really had the wrong idea about the plot of MW3. Via Reddit:

Now I can’t wait to start the singleplayer campaign!