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VG Playdate: Speed Halo on Sunday 28 August

Despite the fact that I have no idea how it works (or even which platform it’s for), the VeteranGamers playdate this week will feature Speed Halo on Halo:Reach. Join us for some breakneck speed and all-out wackiness as we run over each other and turn ourselves into zombies (??). It’ll be fun. Trust me.

When: Sunday 28 August

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Bungie 20 Year Anniversary

If you have 55 minutes (yes I know, it’s long) take a look at this documentary about the history of Bungie. It gives you a great insight into how they got to be the number one Xbox developers. Makes you appreciate how much effort goes into making these games.


Speed Halo: This is Nuts!

Some creative people have found a very intriguing new way to play Halo. Looks like it’s a PC thing, but if Bungie were smart they’d make this available on the 360.


3 Ways Fanboys Kill Babies

There’s a lot of talk in the video game community about fanboys and what they say. Some people think fanboys are just people who like a particular product or company. Some people think girls can be fanboys, too. Some people think we’re all fanboys in some way, because we’re all fanatical about something. All of these people are morons. Lucky for you, I’m here to explain what a fanboy actually is, and how you can avoid being one.

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Steve Jobs <3 Halo

Did you know the Halo was originally supposed to be released for the Macintosh computer? If you did (and I just know Stu is sneering and saying “Well yeah, of course!”), then — fine! — you’re smarter than me. Shut up!

Anyway, here’s some video from May 2000, where Steve Jobs gushes about how awesome Halo is, and how it heralds the resurgence of video games for the Mac.

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Halo Reach – The End Of An Era…

When Halo – Combat Evolved launched back in November 2001, I don’t think even Microsoft knew what they had on their hands.

The game originally started out life as a Real Time Strategy game announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 1999, yes this game was going to be launched on a Mac! So the later Halo Wars was always on the cards.

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German Master Chief Pop Song

This is Stu’s (The Daddy) second life. That’s right he’s a German pop star.

If you go to the youtube page for this video, there is a comment which made me lol, and it goes:

SpitzerYB “I didn’t know Chief was a nazi.”

*Please note that Germans are now lovely people and are far from their nazi

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