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Aqua Top Display

Finally a cool Kinect integration. Still wouldn’t want to play this, but it’s remarkable to say the least.


If You Think Kinect Is Stupid, Watch This

Via Gizmodo: Disney’s working on some really important stuff here, people. It looks like a weird robot condom and it shoots air at your face so you can feel the game.

I am not making this up. Watch the video.

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The Future of Motion Control

This video is a month old, but it’s awesome. As dumb as the Move and Kinect seem to me, I would totally get this.


Gaming Pics Roundup: June 2011

I’m always collecting funny/interesting pictures and videos related to gaming, and once in a while I have to dump them here. So let’s go!

First up is a Jurassic Park jeep carrying a companion cube.

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Microsoft E3 2011 – Kinect Keynote

Well I sat down ready to be impressed with what Microsoft would have to offer us at E3 this year and as I watched I began to wonder if they had built a 360 into a Kinect camera.

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Best Kinect Hacks of 2010

Thanks to The High Definite and Uproxx for bringing us The 12 Best Kinect Hacks of 2010. There’s some really impressive stuff there! Most of it isn’t too practical yet, but the videos show us what could be possible in the future. They’ve got self-driving cars, lightsaber mods, and Predator-style camouflage filters. I’m definitely growing less hateful toward Microsoft’s latest bag o’ tricks.

My favorite is this real-life Mario

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I’ve always enjoyed Bill Amend’s comic FoxTrot. He recently did a comic about Kinect. (Click for the full-sized version.)