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DJ Jazzy Mario

DJ Jazzy Jeff took to the video game world with a funky live remix of the Super Mario Bros theme. Later someone named Jeremy Ellis dipped in too, but I think he’s mashing the buttons too much. Also ?uestlove from The Roots is on drums, which is always a bonus.

Thanks to Lord Jason for the link!

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Mario Theme Lyrics

Black Thought from The Roots spits lyrics over the Super Mario Bros theme:

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Three Word Phrase


Mario Is Kind Of A Scumbag

Check out this excellent paper Mario cartoon. LOLz aplenty!

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Mario Played On Giant Tesla Coils

This is Tim O’reilly otherwise know as Arc Attack, at the Maker Faire a couple of days ago giving his rendition of Mario. Stood in a steel cage doing a crazy dance is a member of the audience, not sure if it is better than Chinny doing Dance Central at Eurogamer last year, but it is a close call.

He has covered other great tunes also, from other video games and movies.

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Nintendo – A Sad Story

Many thanks to Barton off the forums for linking us to this video.

It is both disturbing and upsetting at the same time and very well made.

There is no argument that the Wii has been hugely successful.

But at what cost?


What if Rockstar Made a Mario Game?

The line of dialogue at 1:30 is the greatest thing ever said by anyone in a YouTube video ever.