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Video Games of 2011

This video gives us the chance to take a look at all the great games that have been released this year. Make sure you like the video on YouTube and comment too. If you’ve not already then subscribe to our YouTube channel and show your love.

We really want to get this video to as many developers and publishers as we can to show our thanks, so help

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Microsoft E3 2011 – Kinect Keynote

Well I sat down ready to be impressed with what Microsoft would have to offer us at E3 this year and as I watched I began to wonder if they had built a 360 into a Kinect camera.

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More Evidence that Steve Ballmer is a Crazy Person

Hopefully you all know already why Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is a certified lunatic. If not, watch this one-minute video:

Well, when Microsoft’s deal to buy Skype was announced, we got more proof:

“Will we sell a few more Kinects when we get these things hooked up? Yeah, I think so. Skype can help where we are in the enterprise by getting those customer bases to work well

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