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Disney’s Myst Island: It Almost Happened

Today I found an amazing article from Jim Hill Media, whatever that is. In the late ’90s, Disney World almost made a real-life Myst Island.

Inspired by the Millers’ & Wende’s best selling CD ROM games, “Myst Island” would have attempted to duplicate the look and feel of the award winning computer games. Only a limited number of guests

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Real MYST Book

Plays all the games. Very very cool.


Confessions of a Video Game Addict

NOTE: This piece is also available as a downloadable MP3 audio file, with cool music and sound effects from classic games. (It will be sent through the Podbean/iTunes feed as well, so no need to download it manually if you already subscribe that way.) Please note that the audio version came out in 2006, so it’s dated in spots. Enjoy!

Confessions MP3

Hello. My name is Duke and I’m addicted to video games.

How It All Began

In some ways, I blame my father. One of my earliest Christmas memories is of us all retreating into the office in the back of the house, where the Timex Sinclair had been pitifully serving as less of a computer and more of an advanced calculator (programs on the Sinclair were actually run from a standard audiocassette player). There, on the desk, was a brand new, shining Apple //e. (Okay, it wasn’t actually shining. But in my memory it has a child-of-Bethlehem glow around it.)

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5 Reasons Why Myst, Ico, and Portal Are the Best Puzzle Games Ever

Of all the fun puzzle-style video games that have appeared over the years (and games which incorporate some sort of puzzle element), three games stand on a victorious precipice above all the rest. Carefully designed, beautifully rendered, and packed with replay value, these games — Myst, Ico, and Portal — are without doubt the best puzzle games ever made. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has played these games without enjoying them.

Each has some unique elements, of course, but all three share important traits that elevate the game from simple enjoyment to magnificent treasure. Here goes:

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The Making of MYST

In Episode 9 of our podcast, I interviewed Robyn Miller, one of my heroes and the co-creator of Myst, one of my favorite games of all time. When the game originally shipped back in 1993, it came with this video, about creation, ideas, music, and more. It’s a fun glimpse into the process and the concepts. (And if you haven’t played the game: WTF!?)

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 9 – Duke Meets His Hero……

Well here we are again, another week has rolled by, and it is Episode 9.

This week Duke fulfills one of his life’s ambitions and talks to the developer of Myst, Robyn Miller, who gives us an insight into how a game like Myst comes about.

We talk about some games we’ve played, which include BBC2 and FFXIII , Skuldugerer challenges Chinny in the quiz, and we round it

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MYST Sequel Coming to iPhone

TouchArcade reports that Riven, the great sequel to the glorious puzzle game MYST, will be coming to the iPhone “by early summer at the latest”.

Riven does a superb job of combining intriguing puzzles with a simplified world (it’s all one age), and throws in a quality story to boot. I really liked the ending too.

If you liked

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