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Sony E3 Press Conference (Abridged)

Thanks, Chinny!


Take That, Microsoft

This is an actual Sony YouTube video. (22 seconds)

Shit just got real.


Video Games of 2011

This video gives us the chance to take a look at all the great games that have been released this year. Make sure you like the video on YouTube and comment too. If you’ve not already then subscribe to our YouTube channel and show your love.

We really want to get this video to as many developers and publishers as we can to show our thanks, so help

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 74 – E3 Makes Duke Angry!

Welcome to our special E3 show.

We talk over everything E3 from the three big consoles and Surface Lizard joins us to tell us about Hunted The Demon’s Forge.

That’s it really.


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Chinny – 360 ChinChinny, PS3

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Sony Says “Welcome Back” But Is It Enough?

Playstation Network has now been offline since the 20th of April and will finally partially come back online this week. Sony’s second in command Kazuo Hirai has outlined how the company plans to ensure everything is safe in the future and what users will get as the “Welcome Back” package.

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