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The Making of Elite Dangerous

Careful, this video is dangerous.

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Oculus Rift IRL

Here’s the future, everyone. Thanks, Stu!


Proteus Sucks

B1gBadDaddy gifted me a copy of Proteus for some reason. I appreciate the gift, and I’m sorry I can’t be more positive about the experience. Here’s what I wrote in my Steam review.

Proteus makes Dear Esther look like GTAV.

I know sometimes developers read these reviews, and I don’t like to be cruel. So please forgive me, devs, if

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Eurogamer 2012

So I finally got round to doing the Eurogamer video. It didn’t take long in the end. it was just making the time for it.

The video turned out well, I don’t think it is has funny as last year but I’m still pretty pleased with it.

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VG Playdate: Avatar Laser Wars 2

You asked for it, you got it. Stu is taking the lead on this week’s playdate. (Which is good, because I’m exhausted from the first week of school.) Grab your indie game helmet and suit up your avatar for some pew-pew action!

When: Sunday 9 September 2012 at 6pm UK time (1pm EST in the US) Game: Avatar

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VeteranGamers LIVE: Friday 9th December!

That’s right, people — we’re comin’ at ya LIVE next Friday 9th December! Starting at 10pm GMT (5pm EST in the US), join Stu, Chinny, and Duke for three crazy hours of conversation, confessions, and coolness. Those who have listened in live know that these are often the most fun shows, so don’t miss it! (A lively discussion will be

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More Evidence that Steve Ballmer is a Crazy Person

Hopefully you all know already why Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is a certified lunatic. If not, watch this one-minute video:

Well, when Microsoft’s deal to buy Skype was announced, we got more proof:

“Will we sell a few more Kinects when we get these things hooked up? Yeah, I think so. Skype can help where we are in the enterprise by getting those customer bases to work well

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