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German Master Chief Pop Song

This is Stu’s (The Daddy) second life. That’s right he’s a German pop star.

If you go to the youtube page for this video, there is a comment which made me lol, and it goes:

SpitzerYB “I didn’t know Chief was a nazi.”

*Please note that Germans are now lovely people and are far from their nazi

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Project Natal – Will It Bring New Players To The Xbox 360, Or Just Alienate core gamers?

The title may seem a little strange as the whole point of Project Natal is to make the Xbox 360 appealing, almost like a new console launch isn’t it….isn’t it.
So after making a sweeping statement like that, I suppose I should qualify the reasons.

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 1 – Welcome To The Veteran Gamers……

Well it’s show 1 of the veteran Gamers Podcast, formally The o35s, and what a show we’ve got for you.

Join The Daddy, Chinny and The Duke, as they trawl through the upcoming releases for 2010, both exclusive and multiplatform.

The Duchess of Skath gives us the lowdown on Wallace and Grommit, and we finish as always with the quiz.

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Xbox 360 Exclusives 2010

Well the PS3 has quite a few exclusives, but what has the 360 got to offer in return.

Well lets do the rundown

Mass Effect 2

Developer – Bioware

Release Date 29/01/2010

Well not long to wait now for what could be one of the best RPG’s of 2010.

I’ve played this game, and have to say that they have fixed all the faults of the first game, it now plays more like a shooter, than an RPG, and thank god they got rid of the lifts, possible Game Of The Year contender.

Console Seller Rating 7/10

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PS3 Exclusives 2010

MAG (Massive Action Game)

Developer – Zipper Interactive

Release Date 26/01/2010

Yes the name is terrible but will the game be good, well if the beta is anything to go by I’m just not sure, as far as I know this is going to be multiplayer only and I just don’t know if it is going to be enough.

Console seller rating 5/10

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