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Skyrim Gameplay…It’s Simply Stunning!

Bethesda have recently released full demo footage of Skyrim onto Youtube with commentary from Game Director Todd Howard.

Now as you know I love minor aesthetic details and when there are this many of them whats not to love!

From the world to the combat to the interface, everything looks right. Roll on November because I think that once I have entered the world of  Skyrim I might not resurface until some time next year.

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Ten Minutes Of Journey Gameplay

At some point this year Journey will be hitting the PSN store, I tried and failed to get into the Beta, so I guess the next best thing is watching someone else playing the game.

It looks like a very beautiful,  interesting and atmospheric game to play, with elements of both Flow and Flower.

I really can’t wait to take my Journey at some point later in the

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Little Big Planet 2 – Why You Should Buy It

As Little Big Planet 2 is almost upon us, I thought I would take a look at some of the best levels created in the Beta so far and it is fair to say that some of them are pretty good.

Roll on January (oh that’s tomorrow)

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The Veteran Gamers At Eurogamer…

Well if you didn’t get a chance to go, and wondered what it was like at Eurogamer, Chinny has condensed the whole weekend into two minutes.


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Journey Revealed…

I am officially excited. As you know, I love games that bring a unique experience and take you somewhere that you have never been before, and give you an emotional connection to the game.

As much as Chinny hates it, Flower did this for me, along with a handful of other games, hopefully ThatGameCompany’s follow up Journey won’t disappoint.

It will have multiplayer for two players, but you will remain strangers in the game, as there is no voice chat, or any way to identify the other person.

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Want The Heavy Rain Demo Early?

Just follow the instructions at Kotaku to get your hands on it.

Click Here For Info

When you have had a play, leave us a comment, and we will read them out on the show this week.

Have fun.