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Video Games of 2011

This video gives us the chance to take a look at all the great games that have been released this year. Make sure you like the video on YouTube and comment too. If you’ve not already then subscribe to our YouTube channel and show your love.

We really want to get this video to as many developers and publishers as we can to show our thanks, so help

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The Veteran Gamers Christmas Album

Well it’s here, the album you’ve all been waiting for. All the classic hits, all in one place. For more information call the number in the ad


The Veteran Gamers Episode 88 – Stu is outta here!

Welcome to show 88.

This week the Veteran Gamer crew have some Skype issues so Duke and Chinny kick Stu off for having failed to pay his internet provider. In Stu’s absence Duke and Chinny talk about the latest games they have been playing and read out an article on the unsung heroes of video games.

Vladoz is doing what

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A Closer Look – Max Payne 3 Trailer

I take a look at Rockstar’s next big release. That’s right Max Payne is back and he is pissed, again. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and like the video because I’m working on getting more content on there soon.


Console Exclusives 2011

So another year comes around, and what do we have to look forward to then?

The console war rages on unabated, and we have another year of console exclusive titles to look forward to, that’s what! But what are they exactly? Well read on to find out.

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Indie Games Winter Uprising

As regular VG Podcast listeners know, a team of indie game developers have come together to present the 2010 “Winter Uprising” of new games. Most of them are out now (except two I’m eagerly anticipating — Cthulu Saves the World and Alpha Squad, both scheduled for release on 29 Dec), so have a look at the Uprising website and watch the trailer.

Indie Games Winter Uprising from Nakatomi

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Achievements Killed My Dog

DING! Achievement unlocked: agitated cat rescue. DING! You have earned a trophy: inappropriate salami use. Many behavioural psychologists would wring their hands in glee at the potential fees just waiting to be garnered from a generation of gamers driven almost to the heights of obsessive-compulsive mania by a digitised recognition for an in-game activity that, in the wider scale of the cosmos, is essentially meaningless. Before I get a little too existentialist, let me ask: are achievements and trophies a complete waste of time and energy? DING! Achievement unlocked: pretentious introduction 10G.

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